Since 2002 the Shang Shung Institute Austria is mainly responsible for translation projects, the
All books and texts that have been published since 2002 are based on the skill of our translators of being able to translated these texts from Tibetan into English, on their their dedication to our Master and the teachings, and on their admirable diligence.  But also without the skills of our qualified editors, we would not have been able to offer continuously new publications.
Since 2002 the translation project have been financed by donations, mainly by private donations from members of the Dzogchen Community.  
A very great TASHI DELEGS to all sponsors and donors – without your generosity and the application of the first Paramita, the Paramita of Generosity we would not have been able to publish many books up to now. 

Please continue to support the outstanding work of the translators they are doing for us and for future generations!

Please send your donations either to to our bank:
Name of the bank: Raiffeisenbank Ilz,

Account holder: Shang Shung Institute Austria

IBAN: AT19 3815 1000 0003 0387, BIC: RZSTAT2G151
Address of the bank: Hauptstr. 39, 8262 Ilz, Austria

or send your donation via PAYPAL.

You can also send donations via REVOLUT , use 0043 664 88662660



 Thank you so much for your support and generosity!