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Tibetan Language Courses for intermediate and advanced students in 2017

Ka-Ter Translation Project:

Tibetan Language Weekend Courses for intermediate and advanced students
with Prof. Fabian Sanders
Tibetan is a sacred language. It is a perfect recipient to contain and convey all of the Bon and Buddhist teachings. It is used by the practitioners of all related paths to explain the Doctrine and the Practice, to establish communication with subtle beings, to evoke the content of their visualizations, to proclaim the attainment of the fruit of practice and so on. The sheer beauty of the Dharma is mirrored by the clarity and imaginative creativity of the Tibetan language. For these and many other reasons the study of Tibetan language represents a crucial step towards a closer relation with the teachings and particularly with their practice.
As many people put it, it is a marvelous experience to be able to directly understand the words you are reciting during the practices; it cuts through the distance between the mind, the sound of the words and their actual meaning. Even more than that it is certainly very fulfilling to be able to follow Dharma teachings while reading the text on which they are based.
To give the possibility to the practitioners of the Dzogchen Community and others to begin and further the study of Tibetan language, the Ka-Ter project of the Shang Shung Institute Austria has been organizing trainings for Translators from Tibetan. The first training started in 2003 and in 2017 we already organized the 15th training.
28-30 April 2017

with Prof. Fabian Sanders
In this group students just read and try to translate different texts with the help of various dictionaries. 
We will send the Tibetan text to be worked to participants, so it will be possible to prepare it in advance. Sharing of the instructor’s screen will be available.
In order to participate one should  know how to read Tibetan, have a basic knowledge of classical Tibetan grammar, and be able to use dictionaries and other tools.
Friday 6.00-8.00 pm, 
Saturday and Sunday 10-12.30 am and 2-4 pm, Italian time CEST (UTC+2),  with a short break in each session  
We will use skype for the call and skype or join.me for the shared screen.
Costs: 69 Euro
Early bird discount when you pay online to the Shang Shung Institute Austria until March 30 2017: 56 Euro. Afterwards full price.
6-7 May 2017 

with Prof. Fabian Sanders
We will read practice texts used within the DC and translate word by word, extensively explaining the terminology, the grammar, the syntax and the structure of the text. 
Students will increase their knowledge of Tibetan texts and learn important terminology. 
We provide the participants with the Tibetan text and we share our screen to allow people to follow it. 
Those who wish can attempt to read, analyse and translate sentences. After that the grammar is explained and the translation is given.
In order to participate 
- one needs to have received the transmission of the practice from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu,
- one should know how to read Tibetan and have a basic knowledge of classical Tibetan grammar.
Saturday 10-12.30 am and 2-4 pm
Sunday 10am-1pm, Italian time CEST (UTC+2),  with a short break each session 
We will work on the Tibetan parts of the MEDIUM GANAPUJA.
Costs: 69 Euro
Early bird discount when you pay online to the Shang Shung Institute Austria until March 30 2017: 56 Euro. Afterwards full price.
Fee for both courses: 117 Euro 
Early-bird discount for both course (until March 30th): 97 Euro
July 06 - July 23  2017

with Prof. Fabian Sanders
in Merigar West, Arcidosso (GR), Tuscany, Italy
Join us and learn to translate ancient texts from the Tibetan tradition. 
If you are already skilled you can deepen your knowledge, discuss techniques, compare with others, and train your ability in a collaborative environment inspired by the ancient practice of translating in groups. 
The training for translators from Tibetan is an initiative of the Shang Shung Institute Austria and first started in 2003. In 2017 we will have the 15th edition. 
9,30-12,30 am  and 2,00-4,45 pm (Day off 10th, 15th and 20th)
Please note: The program on July 15th and 16th may change according to Rinpoche’s webcast, most probably we will have only longer afternoon session. 
Costs: 210 Euro
Early bird discount when you pay online to the Shang Shung Institute Austria until May 30: 165 Euro. Afterwards full price.

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Ka-Ter Translation Project


Throughout history, there have been many seekers who have looked for authentic and profound Teachings that would enable them to enter into the essence of their spiritual lives. Countless searches have been made in many different places. Some gave up, some found nothing, but some of them were fortunate enough to find a great Teacher who was ready to give them personal advice and teachings. However, if at that point, the teacher and the student do not speak the same language, there is no way that they can understand what they are being taught. This has happened many times in the past, and until we find a way to communicate without words, will happen again! In this case, there is a great need for authentic translations by qualified translators.

The work on translation of unique and sacred Tibetan texts has always been an important task of the Shang Shung Institute. In 2002 Chögyal Namkhai Norbu entrusted the Shang Shung Institute Austria with the financial responsibility of the unique project and appointed the Tibetologists Elio Guarisco and Adriano Clemente as the main translators from Tibetan and asked them to dedicate their skills as a translator to this project.

The mission of the Ka-ter translation project is first of all to guarantee qualified translations of the ancient wisdom, knowledge and experience of Tibetan culture into western languages, and to offer possibilities to study and learn Tibetan and to deepen ones knowledge in order to became a qualified translator. 


The Ka-Ter Translation Project includes several activities:

  • the translation from Tibetan into English and publication of the Dzogchen Tantras,
  • the Training for Translators from Tibetan into other languages for beginners, intermediate and advanced students,
  • Tibetan language study courses including courses on the phonetical transcritption system Drajyor,
  • and the project for the preservation of the Terma teachings of the great Terton Changchub Dorje and others.


The name

The term Ka stands for Kama (bka' ma) and include all the original scriptures translated from Sanskrit and from Oddiyana concerning Mahayoga, Anuyoga and Atiyoga. Ter stands for Terma (gter ma), literally "treasures" or rediscovered hidden teachings derived from the close and recent lineage of transmission coming from visionary masters. These teachings, about which it is said: "For those whose aspiration is perfect the teaching will emerge from the midst of the sky, from walls and trees, etc." came in incredible and various ways revealing the essence of the supreme realization. 


Chögyal Namkhai Norbu works with Adriano, Elio and Jim on the translation of the Mejung-Tantra. January 2006

 Rinpoche works with the Adriano, Elio and Jim on the Mejung-Tantra. January 2006  Chögyal Namkhai Norbu  Elio and JimChögyal Namkhai Norbu and Adriano   Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and AdrianoOne page of the Tibetan text of the Mejung-Tantra  




International Shang Shung Institute
Shang Shung Institute Australia




Location and contact

The Shang Shung Institute Austria is located in East-Styria. It is 45 km to east of Graz and about 160 km to the south of Vienna. 
Our new office is ín the former Gasthaus Krenn in Gersdorfberg on the top of of a lovely smooth hill, surrounded by vineyards and offering a marvelous view in all directions. 
It would be a pleasure for us if you could visit our Institute. 
Arriving by car:

Coming from Vienna: You take the highway A2 (Suedautobahn) until you get to the exit Fuerstenfeld, Ilz. Here you take the road leading to Ilz. You follow the road which brings you to a tiny village called Dorfl, which is right after Ilz. Here you turn right.

You also can see for the first time the road sign TIBET-ZENTRUM - Yeselling & Shang Shung Institut.  You always follow this road for about 9 km. Always follow the road signs TIBET-ZENTRUM. You will come to the small village GERSDORFBERG.  Just 100m after the end of Gersdorfberg on the top of the hill turn left - you also  you can see praying flags on your left side. Here you are.


Coming from Graz: Take the highway A2 (Suedautobahn) until the first exit of Gleisdorf. Follow the road-signs to PISCHELSDORF. In Pischelsdorf opposite of the petrol station turn right and follow the road sign GERDSORF A.D.F.

In Gersdorf just before the Gasthaus Prem you see the road sign TIBET-ZENTRUM - Yeselling & Shang Shung Institut on the right side. Here turn right, follow this road up the hill for about 2 km. Just 100 m after the end of Gersdorfberg on the top of the hill turn left - you already can see praying flags on your left side. Here you are.


Arriving by local transportation:

It is nearly impossible to arrive directly to The Shang Shung Institute with public transportation. This place is in the countryside and there are no public busses for the least 10 kilometer. The nearest airport is Graz. 

By bus from Vienna:
You can come by bus from Vienna and you have to get out in Pischelsdorf. In order to pick you up from Pischelsdorf (about 10 km from Yeselling) you should call us in advance (+43 664 8866 2660). It is about 2 1/2 hours drive. Please check here the timetable of the bus company.

You also can come by train and by bus:
Fist you have to go to Graz. From Graz you take a train to Gleisdorf (about 35 km from Graz). In Gleisdorf you take a bus to Pischelsdorf (direction to Hartberg). From here we can pick you up. Call us before you arrive  (+43 664 8866 2660).

Coordinates of the Shang Shung Institute Austria: 47.155769 °N, 15.845214 °E

Oliver Leick, Director of the Shang Shung Institute Austria
Gersdorfberg 19
8212 Pischelsdorf
Tel.: +43 664 88662660
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